Breaking the Cycle Masterclass

Deconstructing everything you thought you knew about how your period affects your performance, your health, and your life.

This masterclass is hosted live on Zoom on
April 7th at 12 pm EST.

POV: you’re a person with a period and you feel like it rules your life

You spend WAY too much of your month dreading horrendous cramps, fatigue, bloating, and all of the other symptoms you have to find a way to manage while still living your life and attempting to progress in your athletic performance.

You feel like your food choices are ruled by trying to get a lid on your laundry list of cravings…which ultimately leaves you under-fueled and exhausted during your next workout.

Trust us, we’ve been there.

If you want to dig into exactly HOW and WHY your nutrition *could* be the missing piece of the puzzle in this equation, this masterclass is for you.

THIS is the masterclass for the person who feels like their period leaves them feeling worn out, beaten down, and unable to function or perform in the way they dream about…and anyone who is ready to take the driver’s seat in providing themselves with the tools to BREAK THE CYCLE of “just getting through it” month after month.

We’ll dive into ALL the aspects of how SMART nutrition (or lack thereof) directly impacts the way your hormones are able to function, and why supporting yourself nutritionally—as an athlete AND a human—may need to look different throughout the month to transform your cycle from a fight you feel like you’re never going to win into what it was meant to be: a monthly check-in from your body that’s barely more than a blip on the calendar.


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