Holiday Stress Nutrition

A masterclass to navigate your athletic goals, hormones, and microbiome through the holidays, without restriction.

Join Rachel on November 30th at 6pm Eastern.

Are you already dreading the holiday season? 🦃🍫😰

Worried about managing the stress that comes with kids at home, holiday preparations, and shorter days? Concerned about how everything you're responsible for will derail not just your sanity - but your hormones, gut function, and athletic performance?

We get it - especially if you're an athlete, runner, or fitness enthusiast with big plans for 2024, and the idea of "getting through" the next 2 months feels...daunting at best.

Don't worry, we got you.

Join us for a Holiday Stress Nutrition masterclass, designed to help you navigate the festive season while making sure you don't totally sideline your athletic goals and self-sabotage your hormone and gut health and have to climb out of a hole in January.🥴

It's a lot of crap to deal with this time of year...

  • Kids Home - and why do small humans!
  • Holiday Prep - who's already tired of the cooking, cleaning, decorating, entertaining...
  • Off-Season from Sports - you can't even alleviate your stress with a decent long run because it's cold, it's dark, your season is over...
  • Shorter Days/Less Daylight - S.A.D. 'nuff said. Where the heck is the sun, bruh?
  • Family Time - Uncle Karl's been in the egg nog since 8am, and Great Aunt Susan wants to know when you'll have more kids...Family is great and all, but holiday family time is a new level of stress unlocked
  • Less "Me" Time - I know, that's almost rude to add in here. 🤣 Adding insult to injury. Who gets "me" time during the holidays?! Haha
  • Mental Load - it's ALL the things, for all the people, all of the time...

What's at Stake?

Your physical health, hormones, gut function, and athletic performance. (Not to mention your sanity.)

We're going to help you hit the bullet points on navigating all of this while still supporting your body as best as you can through this season - without restricting your intake or doing weird mental gymnastics with food. Let'scome out of the holiday season unscathed and ready to conquer your athletic goals.

We'll talk about

🥦 Nutrition Strategies: Learn how to fuel your body optimally during the holidays without sacrificing your favorite dishes.

🌞Beating the Winter Blues: Discover ways to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder with some lifestyle and nutrition habits

🧘‍♀️ Self-Care: And we don't mean "take a shower or grocery shop alone!" (Hellooooo what non-mother wrote these things as "self-care," when they are just basic adulting needs?). We mean support your hormones, gut, and mineral balance by making sure you're paying half an ounce of attention to your own needs while playing Santa for everyone else.

🏃‍♂️ Athletic Performance: We're talking about "what do I do now about my nutrition now that I barely have time to work out?" We'll cover some basic strategies on supporting a healthy intake, whether you have time to hit the gym or not.

Come join us if...

  • you don't want a lecture on "eat more veggies", but would like to actually know whether that 5th cookie is gonna kill you
  • you like to be active and/or consider yourself an athlete in your sport, don't want to obsessively count how many ounces of hot chocolate you're having this holiday season
  • you want to know where you're actually making your own stress worse - and more importantly, what it matters for your body...and where you should be paying attention (because let's face it, you're not 21 and in college anymore, and your body's not quite as forgiving...)

Don't let holiday stress totally tank your athletic journey and general physical (and mental) health. Join our Holiday Stress Nutrition masterclass & get some no-nonsense tips on supporting your body over the next 6 weeks so you don't tank your hormones, totally disrupt your microbiome, or self-sabotage any athletic gains you've made with unnecessary restrictions.